My training history

Feminine embodiment & tantra facilitator training with Kerrie Louise, 2022 - including tantra, trauma informed coaching, feminine blood mysteries, breathwork, sexual energies

Master coach with Valmentamo (Finland), 2022 - including energy work, channeling, intuition and presence coaching

Breathwork instructor & advanced pranayama teacher with Yogalap, 2021 - including physiology of the breath, breathwork styles, facilitating breathwork and pranayama for groups and 1:1

Life coach with Valmentamo (Finland), 2020-2021 - including NLP, cognitive behavioral science, positive psychology and ethics of coaching, group coaching, creativity coaching

300h yoga teacher training with Yogadarshanam (Mysore, India), 2019 - including classical Hatha, advanced pranayama, meditation,  pre- and postnatal yoga, iyengar yoga, yoga philosophy and anatomy

50h yoga teacher training with FlyHighYoga (Bali), 2018 - including aerial yoga and anatomy

200h yoga teacher training with Rishikesh Vinyasa yoga school (Rishikesh, India), 2018 - including vinyasa yoga, pranayama, kriya, meditation, philosophy and anatomy

Other trainings include:

  • Somatic trauma healing
  • Helping with acute and developmental crisis, psychology of crisis
  • Stress, stress cycles, physiology of stress & stress management with body and nervous system
  • Mental health awareness
  • Relaxing techniques
  • Application of Mind-body Bridging techniques

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What matters more than training is applying the teachings

It doesn't matter how many trainings one has, how much information and knowledge we have in our heads, if we don't embody it.
Here's the story of my spiritual path:

I have been on the path since I first stepped my foot into a beginners yoga class in 2010. I was lucky to be introduced to yoga philosophy right then and there, instead of just physical postures. The teachings resonated with me immediately.

I was 20 years old at the time - a party girl with a tiara in her pink hair, glitter on her skin and heels on her feet.

Time after time I returned to yoga - living in a mixed world of wild pleasures of being a young maiden and finding glimpses of something sacred here and there.

Some years later I visited Bali for the first time - of course finding myself in Ubud. In the middle of color and sound healers, yoga teachers, new age hippies and what looked to me like weird tantrikas, I got immersed into a world I had no idea existed.

I still remember the feeling of being squeezed tightly in a crowded yoga class and moving together with what seemed like a hundred people. After the class, people would get up and hug each other.
Now, I grew in Finland - I was very culturally shut down and distant. We finns deeply value personal space. I quite literally ran out of the studio, terrified of being hugged or touched.

I still call this "the Ubud hug" and since then I've participated in many Ubud hugs, always warmly remembering my first reaction (and still feeling and valuing my finnish roots of deep personal boundaries).

Fast forward to 2017 and I was back in Bali for months, devoting myself to a yoga practice. A while later I found myself in India and I started teaching yoga in the little island of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia.

During my trainings in India and after I practiced disciplined ashtanga vinyasa yoga. I managed to make myself feel bad every time i got distanced from my practice - I had a very strict idea of what an asana practice & pranayama practice should be like. The more I practiced like this, the worse I felt when I did something "wrong" - as in added intuitive movements or did what i felt like doing instead of the strict asana.

This was a very masculine practice. I had no idea how unnourished my feminine being was until I stumbled upon teachings and texts about tantra and tantra yoga. I started reading and studying about feminine energy and feminine embodiment and it felt deeply nourishing in my whole being.

When covid happened in 2020, I moved back to my homeland Finland, became a life coach and set up a business.  I started practicing free, intuitive movement, connecting to my feminine, went into deep shadow work and studied more about tantra.

Life coaching was a good path to take - but I always felt like there was something missing - a depth. I decided to invest in a training I chose very intuitively - it felt like I needed to be there.

The work done during my training is the deepest yet. It threw me over the board - straight into my own bullshit, stories, beliefs, victimhood and separation. It's also the most healing work I have ever done.

This is the work I share with you now - it is my soul calling. I am deeply devoted to the feminine, her power and her mysteries.
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