1:1 coaching

Info & pricing

4 sessions

400 €
Payment plans available
  • four 60 minute 1:1 sessions
  • support via email between sessions
  • homework assignments
  • access to all workshops, practices, programs etc that might be going on

7 sessions

Payment plans available
  • six 60 minute 1:1 sessions
  • support via email between sessions
  • homework assignments

10 sessions

900 €
Payment plans available
  • ten 60 minute 1:1 sessions
  • support via chat (voxer or telegram) between sessions
  • homework assignments

Frequently asked questions

What is feminine embodiment coaching?

Read an article I wrote about this HERE.

What will happen in a session? What can I expect?

What happens in a session depends completely on where you are at currently. We will discuss you and your life and practice connecting to the body and the felt sense in the body.

Sometimes we move energy with movement, breath, sound. Sometimes we will simply focus on feeling what is there. Inner child work is an important part of this work. I might guide you into a deep relaxation and visualization for shamanic work and call in spirit healers.

This all happens to slowly grow your capacity to be with emotion, to "complete" stress cycles, move and release stuck energy and emotion and to stay connected to your true self.

All of it will help you to allow the wisdom of the body, intuition and instincts to step forward. We will practice letting the body lead - the mind will be a supportive tool here, not the leader.

I have never done this kind of work. Is this right for me?

Here are some questions that will help you figure out if this is for you at this time:

  • are you ready to take full responsibility of your life? <- this includes everything - your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, reactions, situations... everything.
  • are you ready to be vulnerable in front of someone else - no matter how much shame you might feel?
  • are you ready to bring all of you visible to yourself (and your coach) - no matter how much you'd rather hide it?
  • do you feel like you are ready to truly feel your feelings - no matter how much it scares you?
  • are you willing to commit to the work outside the sessions too; this means keeping your self aware of yourself, your thoughts, reactions and emotions and doing practices?
  • are you willing to stay humble, open and receive whatever comes through?

If you felt a "yes" to each one of these questions, this work is for you.

I have mental health issues. Will this be helpful?

Yes, it can be.

But - keep in mind, that I am not a therapist and I do not diagnose, treat or heal anything.

Make sure you are working with a licensed therapist as well.

I will not be held accountable on anything in case you fail to seek professional help.

I don't identify as a woman. Can I still do this?

My work specifically is done with women. This is simply because I am a woman myself and I feel deeply for the women of the world and the urgent need for us to embody the feminine and live through her.

That being said - everyone can benefit from this work massively, not just women. There are plenty of practitioners and I am sure you will find the right one for you, if it isn't me.

It doesn't matter at all what kind of body you are in, if you have a womb and a monthly cycle or not. We are able to deeply connect to the cyclical living through the moon and the earth. The energetics of the womb can be felt in the hara - an energy portal that can be found in every body. If you have had a womb but don't anymore, the energies are still very much alive in you.

What if I feel very uncomfortable being vulnerable and/or showing my emotions?

Let's honor that.

It is not uncommon at all - I, myself work with this one still.

What matters is that you have the willingness to step into the discomfort.

We are always taking things at your pace, making sure you feel resourced and able to feel soothed whenever you feel like you can't hold the discomfort anymore.

I will never take you too far out of your comfort zone. The key is to play in the edges of it.

How often do we meet for the sessions?

Twice a month or once a week is recommended to stay on track.

What kind of homework will I get, how invested do I have to be?

Your homework can include guided practices (audio or video) - meditations, visualization, breathwork etc. It can also be journaling tasks or simply noticing specific things in your thinking, emotion, patterns etc.

As you enter the world of feminine embodiment, the investment is full - because life itself is your practice. You don't come to the session or do a guided practice and then "log off". It's continuous.

Sure, we will have moments when we can't just be bothered, we will feel sick of the continuous practice, we just want to log off and forget about it. Honor it and allow it for yourself. We need phases of deep rest or simple fun. And surprisingly, this all is also the practice. 

The practices will be challenging situations and emotions that come as you live your life. The world is your yoga mat, so to say.

What kind of payment plans are available?

We will discuss this personally and make a plan that suits your situation. The plans can be changed at any time if your situation changes. I am very flexible when it comes to payment plans. You have my full trust.

What if I am dissatisfied and want my money back?

There will be no refunds of sessions that are already "used".

However, if you truly and deeply feel that I am not the right coach for you after all and you no longer want to work with me, I honor it and will refund any remaining sessions if you've already paid.

Similarly, I hold the right to end our contract, if I any violations to the agreements or boundaries are present in the client-coach relationship.

All the details will be written in the coaching contract, which you will read and sign before entering a relationship with me.

I'm in. I desire this. How do i continue?

Book a free 1:1 meeting with me below. 

We will meet to chat for about 20 minutes. You can ask any questions and I'll let you know how we will continue forwards.

This meeting is also meant to "break the ice" - we will get to meet each other before signing contracts and feel each other's energy. This is important so that we can both feel good and sure about continuing.

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