Imagine a place of full surrender

No one expects anything from you. You don't expect anything from yourself.

You can forget your to-do list and sink into silence and presence.

"Shoulds" fade away. Goals fade away. Only the present moment stays;

your body, your heart, your breath. You.

Saturday Sadhana


Sādhanā means "daily spiritual practice".

This guided live practice teaches you easy, accessible techniques, practices and philosophy 

Create moments of peace, reflection, stillness, body awareness and connection on & off the practice

In May we are focusing on stress release, nervous system regulation, parasympathetic nervous system activation & deep relaxation.
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May practice dates (live on Zoom) - price 35€ for all three classes

14th - 10 am Helsinki time
21st - 9 am Helsinki time
28th - 10 am Helsinki time

Replays will be available until the end of June. Length of the practice 60 to 75 minutes
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Join if you

Crave for more connection with yourself and your body 
Feel overwhelmed, busy, disconnected, stressed, anxious
Want to learn about yogic and tantrik philosophy and teachings
Want to start a spiritual practice 
Want to learn simple meditation methods that you can practice any time, any day
Want to practice letting go of overthinking 
Want to incorporate spiritual principles into day-to-day life
Want to develop more present moment awareness
Want to take your spiritual practice deeper 
Want to develop a deeper meaning for yoga 
Want to feel the life force flowing
Need a space where you are allowed to take a break and be fully (with) yourself
Release stress, learn stress management and nervous system regulation
Learn to make anything a meditation and a pathway into the sweetness of the present moment
Allow yourself to let go of goals, plans, achievement - and surrender into peace, reflection, relaxation and connection
Grow the sensation awareness of your body, learn to feel connected to it & nourish it 
Rest the logical thinking mind, leave the busy world behind, take a sacred moment to be with yourself
Learn to easily make spirituality a part of your everyday life; take simple practices and philosophies with you
Get to know your energetical centers, feel your life force and move emotion & energy
Learn to let go of doing yoga - feel, experience, sense, breathe and be yoga.

What are the benefits of a Sadhana?

Here's just a few of the benefits;
  • Recover a lost sense of connection - to yourself, to others, the world and the universe.
  • Manage & lower stress and anxiety, sleep better, handle your moods and emotions
  • Learn to live in the present moment - the famous present moment that will become available when you learn to inhabit your body
  • Emotional surrender - imagine not trying to escape and get rid of your "negative" feelings... and being just fine with them instead
  • Find lost sense of purpose - the kind of purpose that makes every passing moment simply meaningful
  • Realize the divine - in yourself and everything else. Imagine feeling connected, purposeful and part of the world as a divine being

Practice details

Tantra yoga

Go beyond the performance of the physical; arrive into deep sensational awareness of your body and it's movement in space.

Move energy and open energy centers, use your voice and breath. Gain insights of yourself, the world that surrounds you and your relationship to it.

Every single movement and asana is beginner friendly.


Meditations can be anything from stillness meditation to active; main inspiration for the techniques coming from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

Our focus is on the movement of Shakti - the divine feminine creative life force.


The practices are always built around philosophical themes, sourcing from yogic and tantric philosophy.


The purpose of May Saturday Sādhanā is for you to be able to bring stress relief and nervous system regulation into your life. Every week you'll get a small homework you can easily practice daily to make your own Sādhanā.
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Here's what people have said 

At Essi's yoga sessions, I felt welcomed exactly as I was at that moment; no right or wrong, just presence.

I loved it.

Afterwards I felt calm and grounded, and I could also feel that I'd used my whole body, without even noticing.
Essi's approach to yoga and teaching is really beautiful, I could see how passionate she is about it.

The atmosphere, movements and postures were well thought and fitting into the theme.

I give extra praise for the playlists Essi had put together - they matched perfectly the theme of each class (my bf complimented on this as well).

Thank you Essi, this was just what I needed to slow down and turn inwards ✨
Essi's energy and teaching feel very calming and grounding.

I just loved the classes and felt very peaceful and recharged afterwards.

I've practiced yoga for several years already but the classes would have been perfect for beginners too!

Will definitely attend to more of her classes soon <3
your instructor:

Essi Karoliina

Essi has been practicing yoga for 12 years & been a teacher for four years. She took multiple yoga teacher trainings in India and Bali in traditional Hatha, and started studying and applying tantric principles in 2020.

Her passion is in respecting the traditions of yoga, as well as guiding people into deep present moment&body awareness and embodiment.
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