discover the landscape of feminine wilderness.

Roots of a Wild Woman

A wild woman is a woman who lives in her true nature instead of social conditioning.

A woman who is connected to her heart and her instincts.

A woman returned to wholeness and holiness.
A woman who moves with the moon and the earth and their cycles.

A woman who embraces her raw, wild, chaotic, sensual, emotional self.

A woman who realizes she is a reflection of the Goddess.

A woman connected to her creative power.

A woman who knows and listens to the wisdom of her body.

A woman who knows her soul voice.

A woman who reclaims her earth-ness and sacredness.

A woman with an untamed soul.

We are used to hearing praise of the good girl.

It's a virtue to be "nice".

The dark feminine & the wild woman in us is tamed.
Women bury their fierceness, their sensuality, their emotions. We have been told about things that are "unladylike".

The mysteries of a wild woman hold magic and chaos, creation and destruction, birth and transformation, seduction and compassion.

Finding the wild landscape in ourselves destroy existing paradigms and programming.

It's a path of unstructured healing and rebuilding ourselves as empowered, whole, complete, powerful women.

Experience the following...

Instinctual & cyclical living

Never again ignore the messages your soul, heart & body send you.

Understand the cycles of the universe and how you are part of the magic.

Dark Goddess & shadow work

Reclaim the feminine grounds that were made taboo by patriarchy.

Face your shadows and bring them up to the surface to be released.

Breaking out of conditioning

Work on your beliefs, stories, programming and conditioning.

Break free of the hold they have on you.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to gain mastery over your emotions (as in no longer let your feelings ruin a perfectly nice day)
  • You want to be the boss of your thoughts, not the other way around (as in stop letting thought loops rule how you feel)
  • You want to develop a deeper connection to the earth, the moon, the universe and your own body as one (as in wake up from the feeling of separation of it all and realize you are actually a goddamn goddess in flesh)
  • You wanna break out of the people pleasing and good girl conditioning (as in build fierce yet compassionate boundaries, speak your truth, make your own decisions, basically be the leader and creator of your own life)
  • You want to explore your sensuality and pleasure (as in live in the moment and be turned on by life)
  • You want to start trusting your soul voice, instincts and intuition (the head no longer rules, your gut feeling does)
  • You want to connect to your root (the three lower chakras, the pelvis, womb and the pussy are all waiting for attention and love)
  • You want to live by your own rules and values, not by anyone else's (letting someone's thoughts or opinions stop you is no longer gonna be an option)
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Write your awesome label here.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren't ready or willing to be seen & witnessed by others in your emotion and shadow (it's okay if it feels edgy - but if it doesn't feel right right now, honor it and skip this program)
  • You aren't ready for deep emotional self responsibility
  • You don't want to take part in trauma releasing (1:1 sessions will be practice sessions for my studies on trauma)
  • You are just searching for a quick fix that's gonna make you feel better (there are none)

7 weeks

From the 2nd week of June until almost the end of July, you got me by your side.

7 live meetings

In our live meetings we have group coaching, women's circles and ceremonies, guided practices and sharing circles.

1:1 sessions

You have the opportunity to meet me for 1:1 sessions as I practice my skills for trauma certification course.

Pre-recorded content

You'll have access to guided meditations, yoga, shamanic visualizations, playbooks and journaling tasks etc

Grounding & roots

First week you will nurture the nervous system, ground yourselves and connect to the root.

Earth & her cycles

Second week you will connect to your cycles and the cycles of the earth, continuing with your grounding and rooting journey.

Inhabiting the body

Third week you will experience embodiment, chakras and using your body as a map through the rest of your life.

The Dark Goddess

Fourth week you will connect with the Goddess myths, your own Dark Goddess and start your shadow journey.
1:1 support meetings start from here until the end of the program.

Shadow work

5th week the shadow journey continues. You will look deep into your own shadows, learn to old move emotion and release blocked energy.

Breaking free

Shadow journey continues on the 6th week as you will continue facing your difficult emotions, shadows and past experiences.

The birth of the Wild Woman

7th week you will build a devotional practice for yourself to continue on your own path of wilderness.
The journey never ends, this is just the beginning; the birth.
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Your facilitator

I am a life coach, yoga teacher, breathwork instructor & soon to be feminine embodiment coach.

I am also a student of somatic trauma healing, and a big part of this course will be built around what I am learning over the summer (which is why the price is mindblowingly cheap!)

I am devoted to the feminine way of living & my life path is to guide you into this too.
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